What's Happening?!

Ever wonder what that construction site down the street is for? This app is an idea to solve those questions. Once you've created a user you can ask questions, make new locations and comment on other peoples posts.

The idea is for people to engage in their local community and create a collective awareness of what is going on, but further development could include stuff like partnerships with construction companies or event managers. For every post the user makes, comments on or otherwise contribute to, they are rewarded with points. The hope was to create a form of "Trusted Source" out of the users with the best answers, which is done through an up-voting system.

Users can subscribe to nearby events or have a "Home" location from which they also subscribe to new content. All of this can of course be turned off or manually updated as the user wish.

Finally, content can be flagged as inappropriate, after which it will be taken down for review and and if found inappropriate, the user will be penalized and at the extend removed along with their content.

The app is a PWA made with Angular and .NET Core as the backend. Currently it's running on an SQL server but I have plans to update it to use an Elastic Search database instead for location data. Once the project is a bit further in the development I will release a beta link, but for now, there are too many performance issues (mainly due to the slow database) for me to allow other users.

.Net Core
Progressive Web App