Web Development

On this page, I showcase my own web projects, and not what I do at work. For a list of clients I work with at Illumi go to https://www.illumi.dk/kunder/

Elastic Search for Umbraco Aug 2019

A plugin for umbraco that hooks into content and media services to index nodes.

What's Happening Jul 2019

A PWA where people can ask location based questions to the community. The app supports uploading images, commenting and adding attachments.

Angular for Umbraco Mar 2019

A proof of concept for how binding between an Angular SPA and Umbraco can become more fluent in the development stages of a project.

Janitor Mar 2018

An online service that helps residents in apartment buildings keep track on stuff like laundry hours, internal communication and building regulations

Azure Cognitive Services for Examine Indexes Dec 2017

This is an enhancement to the Umbraco Examine Indexer for Media items that will run images through Azure Cognitive Services to add tags to the index, with what it sees.

D3 Umbraco Plugin Aug 2017

A plugin that adds easy to setup D3 charts to Macros using both continuous streams and static files (such as csv or xslx).