Automated Watering System

Our plants are dying because we often not home to water them properly. Therefore I decided to try to create a small watering system that would pump water from a reservoir to our herbs in the kitchen when the soil gets too dry. I used a small microcomputer known as C.H.I.P that runs a light version of Debian and has enough power to run a small web server. The system uses a set of soil moisture sensors to keep track on how fast the soil is getting dry and activates a pump once the soil gets too dry.

Apart from measuring the moisture of the soil it also keeps track on the water reservoir level and pushes a notification when the reservoir needs to be refilled. Historical data of the plant is collected in a database to run analysis and predict when the reservoir has to be refilled again. To visualize the data I used D3.js and for sending notifications to Android I used Google Cloud Messaging.

My plan was to have up to five different plants connected, all with their own pump, and use weather forecasts and potentially heating lamps to make sure that our plants always receive the best conditions to flourish. However, due to many difficulties with the onboard memory of the C.H.I.P and problems with corrosion on the sensors I have paused this project.

Azure Cognitive Services