Extreme Card Game (Working title...)

Imagine showing up to a game night with your friends. Each of your friends were tasked to bring some card games for the evening but when you all show up, there are too many different games to choose from, and to be honest, you don't really remember the rules of any of the games. Instead of reading the rule book for each of the games, you decide to just mash it all together and make up the rules as you go.

That is what this game is about, without the making up rules though (I made the rules already.)

The game is pretty simple, it borrows from other known card games but with a twist. Each card has an attack and a defense, and most cards have some special abilities that are activated when they are used on the playing field. The player can choose to either put a card down in defensive mode (where it adds points to their score) or attack an opponent card.

Both players select two decks at the beginning of a match and these decks are then merged into the draw pile. So both players get to play with each others cards. The cards have different attributes such as color and type, and these attributes, along with the special abilities makes each game different.

That's all cool, but how do I play?

Well, you can't. I'm currently developing the game and it doesn't have it's right domain or anything yet. It is playable, but I'm only testing it in closed and controlled environments with friends. There are a multitude of planned features, such as a ranking system, a shop and other things that will be cleared and and reset on a weekly basis.

And as you can see, a lot of the art used for cards are placeholders, which are copyrighted, so I need to create a lot of game art before the game can be released to the public.

If you are interested in the project you can follow the progress, see the road map and read the tutorial at: nikander-ecg.azurewebsites.net