Game Development

I first dabbled in Game Development back in primary school where I made mods and maps for games like Counter-Strike, Rune, Morrowind and Unreal Tournament. I fell in love with the idea of taking some concept and making it real. The joy of playing with something that you've created is something that has stuck with me and the main reason why I became a System Developer. Through the years I have created many small projects, mainly in Unity3D, but I have yet to complete an actual game. Who knows, maybe it will come someday, but until then it's a great past-time hobby.

Extreme Card Games Feb 2019

A card game for people who doesn't know how to play cards.

Geo Guessr Controller Aug 2015

In a 3D Printing course, we decided to develop a fully functional game controller for the educational game Geoguessr. Using a 3D printer, a Bluetooth enabled Arduino and Python we spoofed keyboard and mouse input to a laptop and showcased it in a geography class.

Raytraced Sound Evaluation Dec 2014

The idea is that sound should be reflected and refracted upon hitting the environment, instead of just being represented as an increase or decrease in volume and reverberation depending on how far or which predetermined zone you are in.

The Ludo Idiot Aug 2014

You play as a ludo player (red) who doesn't know how to play ludo, so instead, he decides to destroy all other players tokens.

Terrain Generator Mar 2014

Using Cube Marching I smoothed out 3D Perlin noise voxels to generate what seems as rugged terrain instead of cubes and added a chunk buffer and a tessellation feature.

Rock Paper Mandril Jan 2014

An augmented Rock Paper Scissors game using beloved characters from an old Danish TV Show.

Flash Audio Game Mar 2011

The game was created using Flash and Actionscript 2.0 and featured functions to save the map and expand it to create longer songs.