Lars Nikander Frandsen

System Developer and All Around Nerd

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System Development

I'm working as a System Developer at a small IT Consultancy, doing projects for major companies. In my work, I primarily develop backend solutions for websites where custom functionality is needed, such as e-commerce, CRM integration, and API integrations.



In my spare time, I dabble with Photography and I have done multiple photography series, a selection of which can be seen here on this website.


Internet of Things

It has always been my passion and the root of many pet projects, to connect various devices to make my life easier. Some of the projects that I've been working on is available here, and you are always welcome to contact me about those that aren't.

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Current Projects

Elastic Search for Umbraco Aug 2019

A plugin for umbraco that hooks into content and media services to index nodes.

What's Happening Jul 2019

A PWA where people can ask location based questions to the community. The app supports uploading images, commenting and adding attachments.

Angular for Umbraco Mar 2019

A proof of concept for how binding between an Angular SPA and Umbraco can become more fluent in the development stages of a project.

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